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Frequently Asked Questions
Author: Posted: Sat Sep 25, 2004 10:15:14 pm
Here are our most commonly asked questions


Do you publish a catalog?

In order to keep prices affordable (catalog production, printing, and mailing is a significant cost) and product selection up-to-date, does not publish a catalog of our retail products but instead uses a web-based shopping cart which features an up-to-date selection of our products available. You can view our current selection by going to and clicking the SHOPPING tab in the upper area.

I want to put a cake in a tin, what size do I need?

A cake baked in a standard 10 inch bundt pan or tube pan will fit well in our Size 5 or 5C cans. Some customers also use a liner and a pad with them.

Are the tins food safe?

All of our cans are food safe for direct food contact.

Can I bake in your tins?

All of the tins we sell are intended for storage and NOT for baking. We have heard of customers baking in them, but that is not recommended. Storage tins are assembled with side-lock seams vs. welded seams, which could cause liquid product to leak from them. Our tins are FDA approved for direct food contact, but at high temperatures varnish can melt off. Additionally, they would be difficult to clean and remove the baked product from them because of the curled edges.

I see the measurements of the tins, how is this size determined?

The measurements are determined by measuring the longest point on the outside of the tin. Measurements are approximate. Tin measurement is determined in 1/16 of an inch measurements. The quality of your ruler can skew measurements (i.e. using a $0.10 ruler from a drug store vs. a $6.00 from an art supply).

How are the tins packed?

Our trained employees professionally pack your cans with sufficient packing material (bubble wrap, packing peanuts, etc.) so that your products get to you undamaged.

What happens if something is dama
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