Do you publish a catalog?

In order to keep prices affordable (catalog production, printing, and mailing is a significant cost) and product selection up-to-date, does not publish a catalog of our retail products but instead uses a web-based shopping cart which features an up-to-date selection of our products available.   You can view our current selection by going to and clicking the SHOPPING tab in the upper area.

I want to put a cake in a tin, what size do I need?

A cake baked in a standard 10 inch bundt pan or tube pan will fit well in our Size 5 or 5C cans.  Some customers also use a liner and a pad with them.

Are the tins food safe?

All of our cans are food safe for direct food contact.

Can I bake in your tins?

All of the tins we sell are intended for storage and NOT for baking.  We have heard of customers baking in them, but that is not recommended.  Storage tins are assembled with side-lock seams vs. welded seams, which could cause liquid product to leak from them.   Our tins are FDA approved for direct food contact, but at high temperatures varnish can melt off.  Additionally, they would be difficult to clean and remove the baked product from them because of the curled edges. We do sell bakeable liners for select sizes (be sure to place on a pan underneath).  Check out the selection in our Liner Department.  Please do not attempt to bake in our normal white plastic liners.

I see the measurements of the tins, how is this size determined?

The measurements are determined by measuring the longest point on the outside of the tin.  Measurements are approximate.  Tin measurement is determined in 1/16 of an inch measurements.  The quality of your ruler can skew measurements (i.e. using a $0.10 ruler from a drug store vs. a $6.00 from an art supply).

How are the tins packed?

Our trained employees professionally pack your cans with sufficient packing material (bubble wrap, packing peanuts, etc.) so that your products get to you undamaged.

What happens if something is damaged in shipment?

Simply contact us within 5 days of receiving your shipment at  We will need your order number, the Tracking Number on the shipping label and exactly what was damaged.  We will send replacement items.  You will need to hold on to the damaged merchandise, box and packing material for 10 days after this report has been made as FedEx may come inspect and/or pickup the reported damage, packaging supplies, and box.

I have a PO Box, can you send my items in the mail?

No. All shipments are via FedEx Ground or FedEx Home and require a street or physical address.

Is your site secure?

Your order is processed through our secure servers and credit cards are processed through FirstData, the world's largest credit card processor.

What credit cards to you accept?

We accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express, and Discover Card.

I would prefer to pay by check or money order.  How do I do this?

Simply write down the items you wish to order along with the quantities and include your shipping address.  TIP - Go through the checkout to where it asks for a credit card and just print out your cart contents.

Can I FAX my order?

Yes, simply follow the instructions above for paying by check and FAX that document along with your credit card information (we will also need the mailing address to which your credit card company mails YOU the bill as an additional security measure) and FAX to 713.666.3300.

Do you ship outside the United States?

Standard shipping is for U.S. addresses.  We can also ship to Canada.  For Canadian addresses, you need to add a Canadian Shipping Token to your order to cover the additional shipping charges.  Duties and taxes are the responsibility of the buyer.  You can find the Canadian shipping token in the very last item in our department list in our on-line store.  For addresses with US Zip Codes, but outside of the Continental United States (Alaska, Hawaii, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico), you'll need to add the appropriate Shipping Token (last item on the department list).

Can my order be shipped by overnight courier (FedEx, etc.)?

Yes, if you have an account number with UPS Next Day Air or FedEx Express, we can ship that method.  When placing your order, note in the comments section that you want your order shipped by overnight courier (indicate the carrier, account number, and service level (i.e. Priority Overnight, Next Day Saver, etc.).  The system will attempt to charge you shipping which we will override.  There is a $5 handling fee for this service.  It is also suggested that you send an E-Mail to with your order number and the message "Overnight Shipping Requested."  Note:  Depending on the workflow for that day, your order may not ship until the next business day.

Is a plastic liner necessary?

No. Some customers use them and some customers do not.  Many like the "finished" look they provide.  Additionally, if you are packing multiple products, our divided liners are perfect.

How long does it take to receive my order?

In general, most orders are processed within five business days of receipt and tendered for shipping.  Depending on where you are located, the shipping transit time may take up to five additional business days.  Your order will ship from ZIP Code 77025. 

Do you have a retail location where I can come and get my products ?

In order to keep prices affordable, we do not offer a retail location for our products, but instead use a web-based shopping cart which features an up-to-date selection of our available products.  You can view our current selection by going to and clicking the SHOPPING tab in the upper area.

How much is shipping?

Our shipping charge is 15% of the merchandise total (minimum shipping charge of $8.95).  This charge covers the packing, packing material, and cost of shipping.

Can I pour fudge into your cans?

We have many customers that use our cans for fudge.  The fudge is poured directly into the liner which is set in the tin.  The ability to do this will depend on your fudge recipe.  This works best with low temperature fudge rather than "old-fashioned boiled fudge" which will probably be too hot and could melt the liner.  For the hot boiled fudge, you could spray the inside of the tin with pan coating before pouring the fudge into the tins. Generally, a .5 can holds 1 lb. of fudge and a Size 1 can holds about 2 lbs. of fudge.  Bear in mind that recipes and densities vary because of nuts and other ingredients so your recipe may yield more or less.

Can I return merchandise?   

Because we are selling items used for food storage usage, we are unable to accept returned merchandise.  We know you would not want your products put in a can someone else may have used for who knows what.  We suggest you choose sizes that will work for you.  If you are unsure of the size you need, just order one in a size that you think you will need before ordering a bunch.

I want to pack some cookies in a tin, what size do I need?

Unfortunately there is NO STANDARD defined size for cookies. We get many inquiries regarding this issue and many say that their cookies are standard size.  We’ve heard standard sizes ranging from about 1" in diameter to over 4" in diameter.  The most common sized tin used for 3" in diameter cookies is a Size 3 Tin or Size 115 Tin which will hold approximately a dozen cookies.  For two to three dozen, a Size 5 Tin would be more appropriate.  We suggest that you take the cookies you want to pack, arrange them in a circle, measure them in diameter and height, and compare them to the sizes we offer. 

I’ve heard of 1 lb. and 2 lb. tins, what is this?

The weight method for measuring tins was the old standard which has been in existence for probably over 100 years.  It was based on a fruitcake for which, of course, there is now no standard.  It confuses the daylights out of customers because densities of products vary and 1 lb. of their product will not necessarily fit in a 1 lb. can.  If you are accustomed to using this method, our Size .5 tins are ½ lb., our Size 1 tins are 1 lb., our Size 2 tins are 2 lb., our Size 3 tins are 3 lb., and our Size 5 tins are 5 lb.

Do you ever back-order merchandise ?

We attempt to keep our inventory levels up-to-date on our website.  On rare occasion, we do back-order merchandise.

What is a heat shrink band and how is it applied?

A heat shrink band is a pre-formed piece of plastic film and is an optional component.  It is used to "tamper-proof" the can.  It is the same thing you find on a mayonnaise jar.  To apply it, use a heat gun (which we stock) or for low volume number, you may use a hair dryer.  Start on the side of the can, keeping the heat gun moving at all times while holding it 3"- 5" away from the film to avoid burning holes. Then finish off the top.  Avoid starting at the top of the can as this will pull the film too high to seal the lid to the can.

Can I use your padded tops to layer my product?

Yes, many customers do this.

Will your liners, pads and heat shrink bands fit cookie tins I purchased from a discount store?

In most cases, no.  Most discount store tins are nested tins that are produced overseas.  Those manufacturers don’t follow standard measurements and are mostly sized so they fit inside of each other to be shipped from their production site.  We suggest that you carefully measure them to see if one of our products will fit them.

Are your tins dishwasher safe?


Are your tins weatherproof?

No. You can put them outside, but eventually they will begin to rust.

Can your tins be recycled?

Yes, our tins are made of steel and can by recycled.  Before putting them in your recycle bin, consider giving them to charity drives which resell them, or schools which use them for supplies or art projects.

Do you sell wholesale?

Our wholesale line is handled by a separate division called Holiday Tins & Containers.  They sell wholesale in large quantities primarily for resale to qualified businesses.  There are minimum order sizes and require certain information to release pricing.  That website is