CookieTins 101

At we have all the tins and packaging supplies to present your product. 


We offer many different sizes of tins.  One thing you should realize is that the industry standard for tins is weight which is based upon a fruitcake.   Therefore, when you hear of a 1 lb. tin, you should not assume 1 lb. of your product will fit in the can.  We have included measurements for every can we sell


For many of the tin sizes we offer, we also offer optional plastic inserts, padded tops, heat-shrink bands, and even boxes to ship the tins in.  The plastic inserts are a preformed piece of plastic that  cover the bottom and sides of the can.  Some even have multiple cavities that allow you to put in different products and keep them separated.  The padded tops are generally put on the top, however some customers put them at the bottom also, or even use them to layer their product.  The heat shrink bands are preformed pieces of plastic that shrink and help seal the can.  You can use a simple blow dryer to seal them  They are the same thing that you find on the top of a mayonnaise jar.

Now you can have professional results at home.

Looking for something special...

If you are looking for something we don't carry, we would love to hear from you.  Some of the items we carry are a direct result of customer feedback.  Just drop us a line at and tell us what you are looking for.

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